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Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-16-34 1" 135kW

Plate Heat Exchanger / for heating and cooling technology systems NORDIC TEC Ba-16-34

Plate Q'ty: 34 pcs.
Connections: 1" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.544m²

Reference: NT Ba-16-34
Condition New
Accessories for PHE
  • Exchanger only (without accesories)
  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
  • Full Set (with Insulation&Wall-mounting with Fittings)
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VAT included


Heat Exchanger for boilers and fireplaces Nordic Tec Ba-16-34  - 4x 1", 34 plates  

Technical details:

  • Made of S316L Steel (plate material),
  • Soldered with Copper / Cu
  • Male Threads: DN 25 BSP - 1"
  • Working Pressure Range - 0 - 20 bar
  • Test Pressure - 20-40 bar
  • Temperature range: -190°C till +230°C
  • Nominal flow - 8 000 l/h

  • Heat Exchange Surface - 0.544 m²

    Plate surface - Heat Exchanger ba-16-34

In DOWNLOAD section you get the data sheet of the unit.

Plate Heat Exchanger Dimensions:
Counter courent Heat Exchanger / HVAQ device Nordic Tec with 34 plates

Sizing problem? Let us help and write usContact in order to size the heat exchanger


Frequent Questions from readers - FAQ:

Is the plate heat exchanger Ba-16-34 insulation really needed? Can I do without it?

Answer: It is not mandatory, but if we want to have an effective heating system, it is recommended to use it. Without insulation, the exchanger acts like a small radiator - it reflects part of the heat outside. As a result of this - it heats the boiler room. This heat also comes from a heating boiler or a heat pump - so it's not for free and we'll have to pay for this.
Sometimes, however, the heating device is not in the boiler room, but e.g. in a garage where there is no heating and basically heat release by the exchanger is desirable to some extent. Then you can actually consider buying an exchanger without insulation, because we don't consider this heat loses as bad.

What is the maximum pressure that the Ba-16-34 heat exchanger can withstand?

The Ba-16-34 plate heat exchanger can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 20 bar. It has been tested with 2 times bigger pressure, this is a requirement of a producer during the tests of every single unit - but generally it's destinated for the systems with the pressure up to 2 MPa. This means it's not a gas or freon HE.

Is the Ba-16-34 heat exchanger suitable for use with high-temperature applications?

Yes, our PHEs and the model Ba-16-34 too, are designed to handle high-temperature applications up to 230 degrees Celsius. Of course those are the temperatures possible only in industrial applications.

How frequently should the Ba-16-34 heat exchanger by Nordic Tec be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean every plate heat exchanger at least once a year to ensure optimal performance for long years. However, the cleaning frequency may vary, it should depend on the specific installation and operating conditions. In fact neglecting the cleaning brings the result not so quickly, especially if the heat exchanger works in relatively new heating system and when it is correctly sized (which means a bit "oversized"). But in longer perspective not cleaned heat exchangers will work for less years than the cleaned ones.

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