Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-12-50 3/4" 100kW

Plate Heat Exchanger for central heating & domestic hot water NORDIC TEC Ba-12-50 3/4"

Plate Q'ty: 50 pcs.
Connections: 3/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.60m²

Classic version of plate heat exhcanger for central heating or for DHW - domestic hot water. One of the most classic sizes with 50 steel plates, suitable for home applications - but in fact possible to use in various systems, heating or cooling.

The 50-plate heat exchanger for central heating systems is a key component enabling efficient heat exchange between the heat carrier ( the hot side, for example, heated by a central heating boiler ) and the heated medium, such as water in radiators or underfloor heating. The transfer of thermal energy in systems requiring central heating heat exchangers is crucial for the operation of the entire system.

The Ba-12-50 central heating heat exchanger operates by transferring heat from the hot medium ( --> such as water or water mixed with glycol) to the cooler medium (such as the heating water of the central heating system - but it can also be the domestic hot water system).
This process allows for effective room heating - while minimizing energy consumption.

Reference: NT Ba-12-50
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Accessories for PHE
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  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
  • Full Set (with Insulation&Wall-mounting with Fittings)
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Heat Exchanger (HE) for heating systems Nordic Tec Ba-12-50

4x 3/4", 50 plates

Ba-12-50 HE for gas boiler 20 kW 3/4

Technical details:

- Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu

- Connections: 4x 3/4", BSP

- Working Pressure - <10 bar

- Test Pressure - 20 bar

- Max. temperature +230°C

- Flowrate - 4 m³/h

- Heat Exchange Surface - 0.600 m²

Comparison of the heat transfer Ba-12 50

(A) -
191 mm
(B) -
73 mm
(F) -
117 mm
(C) -
154 mm
(D) -
40 mm

More about Plate Heat Exchanger Ba-12-50 by Nordic Tec

This is the unit which is quite compact but still has quite a big heat exchanger surface of 0.60m2. This is the figure which is enough to cooperate for example with a gas boiler 20-24kW or heat up the building of cca 200m2. This is the biggest unit from the serie Ba-12. If you need something with a bigger surface, we suggest to check the serie Ba-23, which has bigger plate.

In industrial applications, the Ba-12-50 exchanger will work especially well because of the specific shape - a narrow and not very long plate with more plates, which is often an advantage where models with larger plate do not fit. It can also work in oil refrigeration.

Home heat exchanger - Nordic Tec 50 plates Ba-12-50

Ba-12-50 is a excellent home heat exchanger - which means it's a classic size for many modetn homes, detached houses, single familly houses etc. The reason why this plate heat exchanger is more predestinated to this than other models from the catalogue is very simple. The heat transfer are of those 50 plates - 0.60m² is exactly the value which is required to heat up the home surfaces of about 200 m², sometimes even bigger.

Of course, to be technically correct we have to remind that the plate heat exchanger sizing should be done only up to the home surface. Home heat exchangers should be sized in relation to the heat source (so the efficiency of the heating boiler, fireplace, heat pump etc) - first of all. But if we assume that this heating device has been sized up to our home needs - in practise plate heat exchanger Ba-12-50 works the best with 200-250m² of a building surface.

In other words - Ba-12-50 thanks to those parameters is enough to work well with different type of boilers and burners, including fireplaces between 20 kW and 25 kW, which are the most popular solutions for single family houses.

There is an important hint for laymen - among the heating device we didn't list very popular type of central heating, which is supplied by heat pump system. For heat pumps, because of technical reasons we stronly advise to use the plate heat exchangers with bigger heat exchange area - so the model Ba-12-50 is not the best choice for this still.

If you feel uncomfortable sizing the home heat exchanger yourselves - or you got the doubts - please contact our team to verify the sizing, we are waiting for you.

Glycol Heat Exchanger | Ba-12-50 by Nordic Tec

The Ba-12-50 device is not only designed for heat exchange between conventional media (water/water) but can also operate as a glycol heat exchanger - so with water/glycol mix. Due to relatively low flow resistances (--> for plate heat exchangers), the glycol system poses no problem for this device.

  • The glycol heat exchanger can work, therefore, with classic type solar collectors operating with glycol to heat domestic hot water (DHW) in storage tanks. It features a well-matched plate surface area of 0.6m² , suitable for handling typical-sized storage tanks and solar collector systems (up to several square meters in size)
  • Heating DHW systems with solar collectors on the roof is not the only application for glycol heat exchangers. They can also be used in additional utility buildings that are not heated year-round and for which the systems need to be filled with antifreeze fluid for various reasons.
  • The 50-plate glycol heat exchanger - will also work excellently for heating holiday cottages ( even relatively large ones ), which, by nature, are only heated periodically
  • To ensure relative heating comfort, it is recommended to use a glycol concentration of no more than 50% in heat exchangers operating with glycol. Above this concentration, glycol parameters, such as viscosity, change, and heat transfer processes weaken (which would negatively affect the heating system's quality). Glycol at concentrations up to 50% can withstand freezing temperatures down to -40-50°C (for more precise information, consult raw material suppliers' specifications), so this should be a sufficient solution in our climate, even during harsh winters


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