UV Water Steriliser NT UV220W-PH 220W 48GPM

UV Water Steriliser UV220W-PH 220W 48GPM

UV Water Filter / Steriliser Nordic Tec UV220W-PH 48GPM - Water Treatment against E-Coli and similar

Bulb - 4x PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8 (<8-10 000h lifetime)

Steel chamber dimensions: 965mm x ⌀133mm

Connections: 1 1/2"

Flowrate for UV Dose 400 J/ m² (potable water) - 132 l/min

Working Voltage - 220-240V / 50-60Hz (EU plug)

Recommanded water temperature range - from +2 to +45°C

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UV filter / Water Sterilizer NORDIC TEC UV 220W-PH - full 220W mounting kit

More information:

  • Reaction chamber, i.e. a 965mm x ⌀133mm tube of S304 stainless steel
  • Model of filaments: TUV 55W G55 T8 - 4 pieces - with a life of about a year of continuous work (8-10 thousand hours)
    This UVC filament is easy to find on the Internet and in larger electrical wholesalers, easy to replace with other brands
  • Water connections in size 1 1/2 "
  • Nominal flow:
    11,25 m3/h - to ensure dose UVC 300J/m² - recommended for preventive sterilization
    8,50 m3/h - for dose UVC 400J/m² - recommended for sterilization of drinking water
  • Filter permissible pressure - maximum 10 bar
    In most drinking water systems, there are no more than a few bar - the sterilizer is adapted to the common use
  • Balast - Power supply with 230V ground cable (for home use), EU plug
  • Notification function of burning filament with diodes

If you don't know how to choose a UV lamp home or company - write to us.

Direct contact with UV rays for the eyes and skin is highly dangerous
The filament should never be turned on when it is not in the steel cover (reaction chamber)

Other information on UV lamp work in application of water sterilisation:

  • It achieves the highest effectiveness for the order of temperatures between 2 and 45 degrees Celsius.
  • The standard of iron content in water for these devices (upper limit) is 0.3mg/l. This means that you can usually use our lamps without any problems, and the need for water pre-treatment is rare
  • Sterilized water should initially have transparency, and there should be mechanical or string filters in front of the device
  • It is not possible to "overdose" UV radiation
  • It is also possible to use with hard water (although of course it affects the life of steel devices).

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