UV water steriliser 55W dimensions
UV water sterilisation for house
UV sterilisator for water agains E-Coli
UV water steriliser 55W dimensions
UV water sterilisation for house
UV sterilisator for water agains E-Coli

UV Water Steriliser NT UV55W-PH - 55W 12GPM

TUV Water Filter / Steriliser Nordic Tec UV55W-PH - 55W

A device dedicated for water sterilisation at home, against E-Coli and biological contamination.

  • Bulb - PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8 (<8-10 000h lifetime)
  • Steel chamber dimensions: 975mm x ⌀64mm, distance between the connections 840mm (from the center to the center)
  • Connections: 3/4"
  • Flowrate for UV Dose 400 J/ m² (potable water) - 30.9 l/min
  • Working Voltage - 220-240V / 50-60Hz (EU plug)
  • Recommanded water temperature range - from +2 to +45°C

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UV filter / sterilizer for water NORDIC TEC UV 55W-PH

UV water filter - complete set with a power of 55 W
with PHILIPS brand filament

Kit details:

  • The main element is the so-called reaction chamber, i.e. a steel tube made of S304 stainless steel with dimensions of 975 x ⌀64mm
  • It has a glass quartz tube to protect the filament
  • Included 55W filament - easily accessible in case of replacement: model PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8, with an expected lifetime of up to 10,000 hours
  • Connections with a diameter of 3/4 "
  • Nominal flow at the level of 2.65 m3/h for the dose of UVC 300 J / m²
    (or for UVC 400 J/m² - 1,85 m3/h)
  • The most common application - an apartment / house for 2-5 people

Information about the selection is indicative, it does not take into account any additional factors of water consumption, such as watering livestock, watering plants or additional bathrooms.
Contact us if you need the help with sizing the UV light.

  • Working pressure up to 10 bar (definitely allows for use in domestic and industrial conditions)
  • Wall brackets and sealing O-rings included
  • Power supply / transformer adapted to work on 220-240V / 50-60Hz, with a grounding cable included in the set - EU PLUG
  • The power supply has a LED indication of the operation of the filament and the lack of operation of the filament (i.e. the need to replace the filament)

Direct contact with UV rays for the eyes is dangerous
Do not turn on the lamp when it is outside the so-called reaction chamber


Important information and instructions for installing the UV water steriliser:

There are some important tips to consider - as many installers try to assemble the UV sterilizer themselves, without the involvement of a plumber. Especially that not every plumber has experience in connecting a UV lamp and proper care. Naturally, caution is advised - for an obvious reason, the UV lamp contains glass elements.

  • The first important tip is to install it in a place that will guarantee access to the lamp in order to replace the possible filament replacement (statistically, we replace the filament once a year, sometimes less often, if we travel frequently)
  • The UV lamp can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, depending on your convenience. However, it is worth plugging it into the installation with the use of rigid pipes, not hoses. It should be firmly mounted on the wall, which will not be provided only by the handles in the set - especially when we additionally burden the lamp with unnecessarily flexible hoses.
  • We do not turn on the filament when it is outside the reaction chamber and do not look directly into the UV light, nor touch the active filament with our fingers. Generally, we avoid the exposure of the skin or eyes to UV radiation, as it is harmful to living tissues (on this principle it eliminates microorganisms). So we turn on the filament when it is inside the steel chamber, the instruction describes how to check if the filament is working. Additionally, the power supply has a LED indication of the filament operation.
  • The glass part of the UVC filament should not be touched with your fingers, the filament should be grasped by the tips if possible. If there are fingerprints on the filament, it may burn out immediately after turning it on (a similar reaction as in the case of a car bulb touched before installation).
  • Before installation, it is worth cleaning the filament and the quartz tube with a cloth soaked in alcohol. It is absolutely necessary if there is dust or fingerprints on these glass elements, especially the filament is sensitive.
  • After installing the UV lamp, it is worth running the water for 1-2 minutes, without turning the lamp on to electricity. This will remove any dust residues that could be in the steel chamber.
  • There should be mechanical filters in front of the UV lamp. In most cases - the lamp is mounted behind the pre-filters at the entrance to the house, which does the trick. The water must, however, be clear, free of mechanical impurities.
  • Before and after the UV sterilizer - it is recommended to install shut-off valves. This will allow for possible service activities, such as replacing the filament, without draining the water from the installation, but only by cutting the lamp from the installation. An alternative route may also be considered, so that in the event of a longer service, run the water via an alternative route and cut off the lamp until it is restarted.

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