UV Water Steriliser NT UV110W-PH 110W 24GPM

UV Water Steriliser NT UV110W-PH 110W 24GPM

TUV Steriliser for water- NT UV110W-PH 24GPM - Full set for water improvement against E-Coli

Bulb - 2x PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8 (<8-10 000h lifetime)

Steel chamber dimensions: 965mm x ⌀108mm

Connections: 1"

Flowrate for UV Dose 400 J/ m² (potable water) - 66 l/min

Working Voltage - 220-240V / 50-60Hz (EU plug)

Recommanded water temperature range - from +2 to +45°C

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Water sterilizer - Filter based on a UV lamp 110W

Water sterilizer - NORDIC TEC UV 110W-PH
with two PHILIPS filaments (55W each)

110W water sterilizer kit:

  • Reaction chamber with feet, made of S304 stainless steel
    with inputs for 2 filaments and 2 connections for water
  • Reaction chamber dimensions without feet: 965mm x ⌀133mm
  • The set includes 2 quartz tubes to protect the filaments against water
  • The set includes 2 TUV filaments / radiators with a power of 55W. Model PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8
  • Connection in size DN25 - i.e. 1 "
  • Nominal flow:
    for dose UVC 300J/m² - 5,50 m3/h
    for dose UVC 400J/m² - 4,10 m3/h
  • Suggested Use for this UV light system:
    - Large single-family houses, inhabited by large families, with more bathrooms / kitchens
    - Confectioneries, bakeries and other companies related to the food industry
    - Catering facilities, guest houses and hotels
    - Plant nurseries and animal breeding places
    - Schools and other places with a drinking water system for more people
    - private and public pools
  • Allowable pressure - up to 10 bar (i.e. operation at higher pressure is not recommended)
  • Two grounded transformers / ballasts included
  • LED indication of the need to replace the filament (light signal system on the power supply)
  • The device is designed for continuous (also several months) operation without the need to turn it off.


UV sterilizer 110W - water requirements:

1. Water between 2-45oC is recommended. Warmer water becomes cloudy, which reduces the effectiveness of UV rays in fighting microorganisms.

2. It is recommended that the iron content in water should not exceed 0.3 mg / l. This is most often met in the case of tap water, as the law requires local governments to treat drinking water and remove iron from water to the level of 0.2 mg / l. It is worth paying attention to this aspect when using water from a deep well. Research in this direction can be performed, for example, at an epidemiological and sanitary station.

3. The water should be visually clear, otherwise sterilization performance may not be optimal. The permissible water turbidity for our UV sterilizers is up to 1 NTU. This value is compatible with standard of the EU.

4. The acceptable water hardness for the UV lamp should be below 120 mg / l. Water hardness means the content of magnesium and calcium ions in it.
In most areas of Europe, the hardness definitely does not exceed the indicated value and our sterilizers can be safely used.

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