Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-10-F 0,68m²

Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-10-F 0,68m²

Heat exchanger for freon/gas - condenser for refrigerant - 10 plates

Condenser for refrigerant - Gas/Freon heat exchanger - designed with 2 channels, one intended for gas/freon/refrigerant and the other for liquid, which can be water or a glycol solution. The heat exchanger for freon and similar media is primarily used as a condenser-evaporator in heat pumps or similar devices such as refrigeration units and air conditioners. The key design feature that distinguishes this model from standard plate heat exchangers is its resistance to higher pressures that can be generated when working with freon or refrigerants (up to 45 bar) - and the prepared connections for gas media.

  • Number of plates: 10 pieces
  • Connections - Gas side: 7/8" tube (ϕ22) | Liquid side: 1"
  • Heat exchange surface: 0.680 m²
  • Heat pump / unit / air conditioner capacity: 8 kW Operating pressure on the gas side: up to 45 bar

Insulation is an optional accessory for the heat exchanger; it can be purchased with or without insulation.

Delivery possible in whole Europe

Reference: EU-Ba-68-10-F
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Accessories for PHE
  • Exchanger only (without accesories)
  • With Thermal Insulation
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Freon heat exchanger - 8 kW evaporator

Plate heat exchanger for freon, designed for use in heat pumps (as an evaporator/condenser) or refrigeration units.

Heat Exchanger is dedidated for GAS to LIQUID applications.

Technical details:

  • Stainless steel 316L, welded brazed with Cu
  • Heating capacity for heat pump / air conditioner / refrigeration unit: 8 kW
  • Refrigerant/gas connections: ϕ22 - 7/8" for brazing
  • Liquid medium connections: 1" - DN 25
  • Operating pressure: up to 45 bar
  • Pressure test before commissioning: > 60 bar
  • Flow rate: 22 m3/h
  • Connection method: counterflow

Heat exchange surface area of the Ba-68-F heat exchangers series for Freon & Gas

The heat exchanger surface area of a Freon to Liquid heat exchanger Ba-68-10-F is 0.68m² and it's the smallest PHE among Ba-68-F series

Freon Heat Exchanger Ba-68-10 surface

As seen in the above graph, the 10-plate heat exchanger is the smallest among the Ba-68 series, designed for both gas and liquid. If your application requires a heat exchange surface area greater than 0.68 square meters, you should select a heat exchanger with a larger number of plates. The Ba-68 series includes 8 models, with the largest one having a surface area of over 4 square meters.

Gas HEat Exchanger Dimensions Ba-26-34

(A) - 526 mm
(B) -
119 mm
(F) -
34 mm
(C) -
470 mm
(D) -
63 mm

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