Ufh Manifold Heating Distributor NORDIC TEC - 7 circuits

Underfloor Heating Manifold UFH Manifold NORDIC TEC 7 circuits

Central Heating Manifold Fully Equiped - 7 circuits - NORDIC TEC

Material - MS Brass

Work pressure/Test pressure <6/10 bar

Circle connection for Pex - BSP 3/4"

Optionally with fittings Eurokonus 3/4x16mm

Ball valves dimenions - BSP 1"

Including all the elements as on the photoes.

Reference: RD-CO-7
Condition New
PEX Adapter
  • Without adapter
  • With Euroconus 3/4x16mm
  • With Euroconus 3/4x17mm
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VAT included


Heating Manifold 7 ports NORDIC TEC

UFH Flowmeters or Rotameters

D = 525mm

Combining a UFH system with a radiator system when powered by a heat pump

Floor heating powered by a heat pump.

It is possible and even very advantageous due to the fact that the temperatures recommended for the floor heating are very compatible with those considered to be the most favorable for the operation of heat pumps. I am talking about the range of 30-35 °C. Working in these compartments is the least energy-consuming, i.e. the cheapest from the point of view of a heat pump. An additional advantage is that the wear and tear of the installation, its individual components and the heat pump itself is reduced to a minimum - at such temperatures. It also practically eliminates the problem of limescale formation, which needs higher temperatures to become a real problem (the more so as underfloor heating works in sealed systems, which are not as exposed to the problem of limescale as open systems).

If you are at the design stage, we do not recommend combining the underfloor heating system with a radiator. All the above-mentioned benefits will hardly exist, due to the fact that the pump will have to give a temperature of min. 50-55 ° C (otherwise it will be radiator heating of very dubious quality). The operating costs and the level of PC consumption will increase dramatically, and all because of 2-3 heaters that we will install, for example, in the attic. If you are still planning your heating schedule - we advise against it.

We also suggest separating the heat pump system from the central heating system, if it runs on glycol, using a plate heat exchanger to avoid flooding the entire floor with glycol. Definitely our many years of experience (and we have encountered such experiments in practice) shows that it is better to avoid it.

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