UFH Heating Distributor with a Heat Pump Nordic Tec

Underfloor Heating Manifold UFH Manifold NORDIC TEC 6 circuits

Central Heating Manifold Fully Equiped - 6 circuits NORDIC TEC

Material - MS Brass

Work pressure/Test pressure <6/10 bar

Circle connection for Pex - BSP 3/4"

Optionally with fittings Eurokonus 3/4x16mm

Ball valves dimenions - BSP 1"

Including all the elements as on the photoes.

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Reference: RD-CO-6
Condition New
PEX Adapter
  • Without adapter
  • With Euroconus 3/4x16mm
  • With Euroconus 3/4x17mm
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VAT included


Underfloor Heating Manifold by Nordic Tec with 6 ways

including all the elements which are on the photo
Heating Manifold Nordic Tec for 6 heating circuits

D = 475mm

Underfloor Heating Manifold 6 Circuits | Nordic Tec

6-port Underfloor Heating Manifold - a heating collector prepared for 6 heating circuits. Mainly designed for underfloor heating systems - it features a heating manifold with flow meters, which are very useful in properly regulating the flows of individual underfloor heating loops. The device will also work without any problems as a manifold for radiators. It can therefore be considered universal and suitable for any type of central heating installation.

Nordic Tec's heating manifolds are made of brass coated with a chrome layer for greater durability and better design. They are equipped with standard-sized outlets - i.e., 1" for heating water supply and 3/4" for the outlets of heating loops."

Can the underfloor heating run on glycol if it is powered directly by the heat pump?

From the point of view of the floor heating manifold, it is possible to work with a 30 to 50% glycol solution. However, this is not a solution recommended by us due to the potential lower efficiency of such a heating system. Glycol tends to accumulate heat (therefore it protects heating systems exposed to frost against freezing), but this means that a floor filled with glycol will have a very long heating time, very low controllability and high inertia. Aside from the glycol cost aspect, this will also have an impact on fuel consumption and pump wear over the years. It may also require, in order to gain relative comfort of use - a denser distribution of the loops. We sensitize to the myth that appears here and there that the heat loss on glycol can be eliminated by increasing the pressure in the floor heating system, e.g. to 4-5 bar - this method is very little effective. So let's use glycol when we have to, e.g. in summer houses where we are not here in winter.
When working with a heat pump whose circulation works on glycol, the only sensible solution is to separate it from the system with a heat exchanger and flood the central heating system with water.


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