Manifold for Central Heating System Nordic Tec

Underfloor Heating Manifold UFH Manifold NORDIC TEC 5 circuits

Central Heating Manifold Fully Equiped Nordic Tec - 5 circuits

Material - MS Brass

Work pressure/Test pressure <6/10 bar

Circle connection for Pex - BSP 3/4"

Optionally with fittings Eurokonus 3/4x16mm

Ball valves dimenions - BSP 1"

Including all the elements as on the photoes.

5-circuit Central Heating Manifold by Nordic Tec, destinated especially to work as a UFH Manifold - but it can work efficiently with radiators too.
Full kit - which means you don't need to buy any elements additionally. Our 5 way UFH Manifold includes all the elements needed for installation.

Order from the official Nordic Tec e-shop - We deliver our goods in every country in Europe in relatively quick time.

Reference: DE-RD-CO-5
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PEX Adapter
  • Without adapter
  • With Euroconus 3/4x16mm
  • With Euroconus 3/4x17mm
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UnderFloor Heating Manifold by Nordic Tec 5 circuits

including all the elements which are on the photo
Heating Manifold Nordic Tec for 5 heating circuits

D = 425mm

Technical details:
- Chrome-plated brass Ms
- Working pressure up to 6 bar (tested with 10 bar pressure)
- Connections for PEX: 3/4
- Supply connection - 1 "
- Maximum working temperature: up to + 90 °C

Floor heating manifold for 5 circuits | Nordic Tec

The above device is actually a 5-circuit underfloor heating manifold - due to the presence of rotameters, this is its main and most common use. However, this does not change its functionality and it can also be used as a classic central heating manifold. Rotameters, i.e. float flow meters (visible on the upper bar), help regulate flows, which is more important in a central heating system based on underfloor heating - and is less significant in a classic radiator system. This is a universal device that can handle both types of installations.

Nordic Tec offers this type of heating manifolds in different variants when it comes to the heating circuits quantity (from 2 till 12).

What water temperature should be released to the heating manifold? What water temperature on the floor heating?

Naturally, this is a complex issue, as the arrangement of the loops has a large impact on how high the supply temperature of the underfloor heating will be required. With a properly planned loop network - the temperature range from 28 to 35°C is sufficient. Usually, it is enough to stay close to the lower limit, and to move closer to the higher one, e.g. in severe winters, depending on the need. Supplying the floor heating with water at this temperature should translate into the temperature in heated rooms within the limits appropriate for health - i.e. 20-22 degrees Celsius.

Is it possible to supply underfloor heating with temperatures higher than 35oC at all?

Of course, the underfloor heating manifolds can resist much higher temperatures. You can use a higher temperature, but this is considered a solution that is not optimal for your health in the long run. Or after a long absence from home, when the floor is cold and, as we know, warming it up requires a lot of time and a large dose of heat - you can easily increase the temperature supplied to our loops. After that, it will naturally be possible to reduce it as desired. However, in order to be able to freely regulate the temperature, it is worth thinking about it at the assembly stage and getting mixing valves, preferably thermostatic heads that will monitor the set temperature for us.

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