Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-40 1 1/4" 440kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-40 1 1/4" 440kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC TEC Ba-60-40

Plate Q'ty: 40 pcs.
Connections: 1 1/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 2.400m²

A 5/4" heat exchanger with a plate length of 526mm. This device consists of 40 plates with a nominal power of 440 kW (a high parameter). It can be used with almost any heat source, such as larger boilers or a combination of heating boilers, but it is most commonly utilized as a heat exchanger for monoblock heat pumps. It is a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger designed for connecting heat pumps in a water-glycol system, particularly units requiring a large water charge and low pressure losses (-->which will be ensured by the 5/4" connections).

Reference: NT Ba-60-40
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The plate heat exchanger for heat pumps or other heating and cooling applications

The heat exchanger for heat pumps, Nordic Tec Ba-60-40, with 5/4" connections and 40 plates.

Heat Exchanger Ba-60-40 with 40 plates

Technical details:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu
  • Connections: 4x 5/4", BSP
  • Working Pressure - <30 bar

Ba-60-40 is a heat exchanger designed for transferring thermal energy between fluids. It should not operate with high-pressure media (above 30 bar) such as freon or gas, which have the potential for sudden pressure spikes or work at pressures higher than 30 bar. If you are looking for a plate heat exchanger for refrigerant - to work as a heat pump condenser and you are interested in a model similar to this one - check out the Ba-68-40-F model.

  • Test Pressure - 45-60 bar
  • Max. temperature +230°C
  • Flowrate - 22 m³/h

Heat Exchange Surface - of Ba-60 Plate Exchanger series - and Ba-60-40 PHE unit - 2.40 m²

Heat exchange surface area - heat exchangers for heat pumps Ba-60-40 with 5/4" connections

The heat exchange surface area is the most important and only objective factor that determines the efficiency of a heat exchanger. The above model of heat exchanger has 40 steel plates, each with a surface area of 0.60m², totaling 2.40m². This is a surface area that allows for cooperation with numerous models of heat pumps, if they need to be connected to central heating (e.g. in a glycol/water or water/water system). If you need a heat exchanger with a larger surface area, you can find additional models from the Ba-60 series in the above diagram, which are also available in our store.

Correlation between heat exchange surface area of the heat exchanger and its capabilities | Ba-60-40

Every heating device, whether it's a heat pump or a boiler of any type, in order to operate efficiently in a system with a heat exchanger, must be serviced by a sufficient surface area of the exchanger plates. This is, of course, a simplification, as we do not delve into detailed comparisons of heat exchange coefficients, which involve converting surface areas into specific performance metrics. A heat exchanger with a surface area of 2.4m2 is already large enough to find application in servicing certain heat pump installations, but proper selection of the heat exchanger should always be conducted.

Most common applications:

Ba-60 plate heat exchanger dimensions
(A) -
526 mm
(B) -
124 mm
(F) -
105 mm
(C) -
478 mm
(D) -
73 mm

Connecting a heat pump using a 40-plate heat exchanger by Nordic Tec

The above heat exchanger is very often used to connect a heat pump working on glycol with a central heating system (which works on water). The 40-plate model is perfect for this due to the fairly large heat transfer surface - i.e. 2.40 m2.
In practice, 40-plate heat exchanger can handle heat pumps from 10 to 20 kW - and it depends primarily on the supply temperature of the system by the heat pump. It should be remembered that heating systems in which the heat pump is to operate at extremely low temperatures (e.g. based on underfloor heating) require a larger heat exchanger than systems powered by high temperature (e.g. based on radiators).

Please check as well the product below - which is the heat exchanger with comparable row of a plate surface, but can be used for refrigerant or gas:

Plate heat exchanger for heating production or warehouse halls | Ba-60-40

The Ba-60-40 plate heat exchanger meets all requirements for servicing large production or warehouse halls. It can serve as a heat exchanger for air heaters - such as Volcano types powered by another heat source, or traditional radiators. The exchanger can also work in industrial facilities - because it works excellently with glycol, which is sometimes useful in such installations.

With a total surface area of 2.4m² - it can handle air heaters - even those powered by glycol - with a capacity of up to 90 kW. As for the power of heating boilers - in the case of traditional heating - their maximum power is similar, depending on the parameters it can range up to 80-90 kW, and in modern installations even up to 100 kW.

A very important advantage of the Ba-60 series of heat exchangers - and the Ba-60-40 model itself - is low pressure loss - which certainly plays a very important role in heating such facilities - such as the aforementioned production and warehouse halls.

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