Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-30 30 plates

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-30 1 1/4" 330kW

Plate Heat Exchanger for HP NORDIC TEC Ba-60-30

Plate Quantity: 30 pcs.
Connections: 1 1/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 1.800m²

A 30-plate heat exchanger with 1 1/4" connections and relatively high flow rate, nominally up to 22 m3/h. The wide connection of the heat exchanger and its high throughput ensure relatively low flow resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including working with monoblock heat pumps (glycol-based anti-freeze systems), where a large water charge and low pressure losses play an important role.

Reference: NT Ba-60-30
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Heat Exchanger for heat pumps & boiler - NT Ba-60-30

Heat Exchanger for heat pumps Nordic Tec Ba-60-30
4x 1 1/4", 30 plates

Heat Exchanger for Heat Pump Rotenso 12 kW connecting

Technical details:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu

  • Connections: 4x 5/4", BSP

  • Working Pressure - <30 bar (liquid to liquid HE)

  • Test Pressure - 45-60 bar

  • Max. temperature +230°C

  • Flowrate - 22 m³/h

Exchange surface - heat exchanger Ba-60-30 - 1.800 m²

Heat Transfer area of PHE for Rotenso Monobloc 12 kW Ba-60-30

The above graph illustrates the heat exchange surface area of the  Ba-60-30 heat exchanger and compares it with other devices from the same series with a different number of plates. The graph allows understanding the relationship --> between the number of plates and the total heat exchange surface area. A single plate of the heat exchanger has an area of 0.060m2. Multiplying this by the number of plates gives us the final surface area - for the Ba-60-30 heat exchanger, it will be 1.80m2. If you need a larger surface area , you can find larger heat exchangers from the Ba-60 series on the graph, which are also available in our offer.
Below, you will read how the surface area of 1.80m2 translates into the practical application of the heat exchanger.


Application of the Ba-60-30 heat exchanger

Dimensions of PHE Ba-60-30:

Size of Nordic Tec Ba-60-30 HE


Nordic Tec Ba-60 plate heat exchangers for heat pumps

The Nordic Tec Ba-60 heat exchangers were created as a response to the classic trend in plate heat exchanger production, where a plate size of cca 526mm by 124mm is often used. This dimension is considered one of the classic sizes for PHE and is used by many brands. Series with similar dimensions also exist with other manufacturers, and differences in this case may be only a few milliliters. As a result, the Ba-60 heat exchanger series achieves very similar parameters to, among others, the series of the following manufacturers - Secespol LB60 or SWEP B25T (of course with the same number of plates).

The heat exchanger has 30 plates and a total area of 1.80 m2. This is a sufficient parameter to use this exchanger to connect heat pumps that must work on glycol for some reasons. The exchanger can work with both monoblock and split pumps.

For Ba-60 heat exchangers, we also offer thermal insulation as an option. This entry is for the Ba-60-30, which is the 30-plate version with DN32 (1 1/4") connections.

Heat exchanger for monoblock heat pump 12 kW - 14 kW with glycol or water

If you are looking for a heat exchanger for a monoblock heat pump between 10 kW and 14 kW - for a system operating on glycol, then the Ba-60-30 model is very suitable for this range. First of all it is a heat exchanger completely resistant to glycol, making it ideal for monoblock heat pump systems that operate with this medium - but naturally it can work with water too.

Monoblock heat pumps of 12 - 14 kW, when operating on glycol, require approximately 1.8m² of heat exchange surface - assuming it is a high-temperature system (typical for heat pumps) - i.e., operating within 50-55 degrees Celsius. This is a classic power supply model for single-family homes, where most of the heating relies on radiators (which require supply at this temperature - at least in the vast majority of cases). The Ba-60-30 heat exchanger has exactly 1.8m² of surface area. It can handle slightly larger heat pump capacities, in kW - in cases where the system operates on water rather than on antifreeze fluid ( which always somewhat hinders heat transfer).

The sizing of a plate heat exchanger for a heat pump for a low-temperature system is different - for example, for a house based on underfloor heating, where all the heat goes directly to the underfloor distribution manifold. The operating cost of such a system is usually lower, and the power consumption by the heat pump is lower - but at low supply temperatures around 30-35°C - a much larger plate area is needed to accommodate a given heat pump model (even twice the sizing factor may be required for the heat exchanger selection). In this case, a heat exchanger with a surface area of 1.8m² will only accommodate heat pumps in the range of 6 kW - 8 kW.

Structural characteristics of Ba-60-30 heat exchangers that allow them to work with heat pumps

Heat exchangers from the Ba-60 series -> including the 30-plate Ba-60-30 heat exchanger, are somewhat designed primarily for heat pumps and have several advantages in this regard:

  1. Appropriately prepared heat exchanger plate, longitudinal, resulting in relatively low hydraulic resistance for flows. This is crucial for heat pumps as it ensures unhindered flow and positively affects the wear and tear of circulating pumps

  2. The Ba-60-30 has a wide ( relatively speaking, considering the size of the heat exchanger ) connection - sized at 1 1/4", which also contributes to low pressure losses generated by this model

  3. It can operate with glycol at various concentrations, including higher ones, although due to the operational practices of heating systems in our climate, it is not recommended to use glycol concentrations higher than 50 %

  4. It offers the possibility to purchase accessories, including thermal insulation to reduce heat losses, mounting kits - wall hangers for heat exchangers with 1 1/4" threads - or shut-off valves for installation before the heat exchangers


Similar heat exchanger - but with higher pressure endurance to work with refrigerant of heat pumps

This heat exchanger is desgined for connecting monoblock heat pumps with the heated circuits - and can be used in water - glycol operation mode. But this is still liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. If you need a plate heat exchanger of a similar size and similar plate area but for gas media:


Heat exchanger 5/4" for a 60 kW boiler | Nordic Tec Ba-60-30

The Ba-60-30 heat exchanger with a 5/4" connection is practically universal and is often used for central heating boilers. The upper limit of the boiler power it can reliably handle is 60 kW, sometimes up to 70 kW in certain conditions. Boilers of this size (usually) should not be serviced by 1-inch models, so the Ba-60-30 heat exchanger is equipped with a DN32 5/4" connection - or, if preferred, 1 1/4".

In this case, the 30-plate heat exchanger essentially serves as a connector between a closed (pressurized - suitable for heating installations) and an open system, where an older type of central heating boiler operates - for example, a coal-fired boiler that requires operation in an open system.

However, it can also be the reverse situation - where the heat exchanger will serve a boiler operating in a closed, pressurized system - many newer types of boilers require this - such as gas boilers/condensing boilers. The heat exchanger will then transfer heat to the heating system, which operates in an open system - this is a fairly common situation, for example, when modernizing heating in an old building and adding a modern central heating boiler. In both cases, regardless of the fuel, this model will easily handle central heating boilers of around 60 kW.

It is worth noting that a 5/4" heat exchanger is very suitable for operation in open systems, as it generates much lower hydraulic resistance than models with a 1-inch connection.


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