Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-70 1" 385 kW 1 inch connection
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-70 1" 385kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-70 1" 385 kW 1 inch connection
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-70 1" 385kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-70 1" 385kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC TEC for Heat Pumps - Ba-32-70

The units size makes it predestinated for Heat Pumps mainly, but it can freely cooperate with all kind of traditional boilers as well.

  • Plate Q'ty: 70 pcs.
  • Connections: 1" BSP
  • Heat Exchange Area: 2.240m²

Plate heat exchanger for monoblock/split heat pumps (water/water or water/glycol), as well as for traditional heat sources.

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Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-32-70 - 4x 1", 70 plates

Classic plate heat exchanger 390 kW (high parameters supply) -  1" connections, 70 plates -
a PHE model commonly used for monoblock heat pumps (separating glycol circuit from water).

Technical details - Plate Heat Exchanger Ba-32-70:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu
  • Connections: 4x 1", BSP
  • Working Pressure - <30 bar (liquid to liquid heat exchanger)
  • Test Pressure - 45-60 bar
  • Max. temperature +230°C
  • Flowrate - 12 m³/h

Heat Exchange Surface Area of a Heat Exchanger Ba-32-70 - 2.240 m²

Nordic Tec Ba-32-70 - powierzchnia wymiany

The above graph illustrates a comparison of the heat exchange surface - or simply the active surface area of the steel plates in Nordic Tec Ba-32 heat exchangers, depending on the number of plates. The Ba-32-70 model has 70 plates, this way - creating a total surface area of 2.24 square meters. Below you will learn what this value means in practice - as the heat transfer surface area is the main factor determining the selection of a plate exchanger for a boiler or heat pump - or any other application.
In practice, it is the surface area of the plates that determines how many kW of power the boiler or heat pump can have - which will be properly handled by a specific model of a plate heat exchanger. The indicated surface area of 2.24 m² places this model as quite large and efficient, providing the capability to handle quite robust heat sources - as described below.

100 kW, 70-plate heat exchanger

The most common applications of the Ba-32-70 plate heat exchanger are:


Heat exchanger for heat pumps 8 kW - 16 kW | Monoblock

The Ba-32-70 heat exchanger is commonly sold as a heat pump heat exchanger and typically used to separate the heat pump from the central heating system. This is often because the decision is made to fill the heat pump circuit with glycol ( a common practice with monoblock heat pumps in colder areas) - but also to separate the heat pump circuit from, for example, an old open-loop installation (which also happens with split-heat pump units). This model is perfectly suited as a heat pump exchanger for 8 kW to 16 kW heat pumps, and in some cases even up to 18 kW.

The range depends on the supply temperatures, the condition of the installation, and whether glycol (as with monoblock units) or water is used. Generally -  when selecting a heat exchanger for a heat pump, for every 10 kW, you should have between 1.5 m² and 3.0 m² of plate surface area for a glycol-operated monoblock heat pump - or 1.2-2.5 m² per 10 kW for a water-operated heat pump. The range is quite broad, with the main factor being the planned operating temperature. A larger heat exchanger will be required for low-temperature systems (e.g., when the entire house operates in underfloor heating system). The given numbers refer to Nordic Tec Plate Heat Exchangers catalogue.

Heat exchanger for large heating boilers 70 kW and 80 kW | Nordic Tec Ba-32-70

However, the Ba-32-70 heat exchanger also performs well with more conventional heat sources such as boilers. In this case due to the much greater inertia of the heat source, its power can be much higher than with modern heat pumps. The Ba-32-70 heat exchanger will easily handle large heating boilers, or even boiler cascades - significantly exceeding the demand of single-family homes. This plate exchanger will effortlessly transfer heat from boilers ranging from 70 kW to 80 kW - and in some cases even larger ones like 90 kw. It can be considered that the Ba-32-70 model is easily applicable even in large industrial buildings.

The type of fuel the boiler operates on is of minor importance here - it can be coal, wood, pellets, or a condensing boiler (gas).

Also - check:

How to select a heat exchanger? | Ba-32-70 Nordic Tec

Due to the extensive range of applications for plate heat exchangers , there's practically an infinite combination of factors such as the types of media (each with their own specific heat capacity), flow rates, initial temperatures, cooling or heating objectives, and power in kW. Nordic Tec heat exchangers are compatible with various heat sources, boilers, fireplaces, and heat pumps . They can be used to heat both residential properties and larger spaces such as sports halls and public buildings. They are also suitable for cooling applications, working with most available liquid refrigerants like glycol .

It's easier to answer the question "How to select a heat exchanger" when you have specific information about the planned application, for example, in a heating setup, along with basic details about the intended use. If you're having trouble selecting a heat exchanger, it's best to rely on specialists and get in touch with us .

You're also welcome to visit our blog , where you can find more information about selecting heat exchangers, including those for gas boilers or pellet stoves. Additionally, there's an article discussing the potential consequences of choosing a heat exchanger that's too small for its intended purpose.

What does the symbol of the heat exchanger - Ba-32-70 - mean?

"Ba" is our designation for a vacuum-brazed heat exchanger , which is the classic plate model. The number in the middle represents the heat transfer surface area of a single plate, which is 0.032m². The number at the end signifies the number of plates in the exchanger - in this case, it's 70 plates . If you multiply the number of plates by the surface area of a single plate, you'll get the total surface area of the device, which is 2.24m². This provides a decent surface area suitable for various applications, including heat pumps, even with demanding low-temperature underfloor heating setups. This is just one example; all our plate heat exchanger symbols are based on this key format.


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