Heat exchanger heat pump LG 12 kW monoblock
Arctic KHC 12kw monoblol R32 plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger Panasonic aquarea monoblock 12kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-60 1" 330kW
heat exchanger for Airwell Wellea 12 kW
Heat exchanger heat pump LG 12 kW monoblock
Arctic KHC 12kw monoblol R32 plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger Panasonic aquarea monoblock 12kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-60 1" 330kW
heat exchanger for Airwell Wellea 12 kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-60 1" 330kW

HVAC Plate Heat Exchanger for 60 plates NORDIC TEC Ba-32-60

  • Plate Q'ty: 60 pcs.
  • Connections: 1" BSP
  • Heat Exchange Area: 1.92m²

60-plate heat exchanger, commonly employed in conjunction with heat pumps (both split and monoblock systems) , as well as larger heating boilers, heaters, and similar applications. The nominal power of the heat exchanger is 330 kW measured for high parameters. In case of any issues with selecting the heat exchanger, please contact us.

Reference: NT Ba-32-60
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Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-32-60 destinated for heat pumps or other heating solutions

Soldered 60-plate heat exchanger with 1-inch connections. This heat exchanger is commonly used with heat pumps (connecting monoblock pumps to heating systems).

4x 1", 60 plates

Heat Exchanger Ba-32-60 for Heat Pumps 13 kW

Technical details:

- Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu

- Connections: 4x 1", BSP

- Working Pressure - <30 bar

- Test Pressure - 45-60 bar

- Max. temperature +230°C

- Flowrate - 12 m³/h

Total Active Plate Area / Heat Exchange Surface of PHE Ba-32-60 - 1.920 m²

Plate Heat Exchanger for Kaisai Arctic Khc 12Kw

The above diagram shows the position of the Ba-32-60 plate heat exchanger within the Ba-32 series of heat exchangers. This series is based on a plate size of 286x116mm - a size considered classic for this type of heat transfer device. The above heat exchanger has 60 plates, providing a total heat exchange surface area of 1.92 m² . This is already a decent plate surface area, allowing for the use of the heat exchanger not only in single-family homes but also in larger facilities or more demanding installations.

A heat exchanger with a plate surface area of nearly 2 m² - can it work with a monoblock heat pump?

The total surface area of nearly 2 square meters is also sufficient for maximizing performance in low-temperature systems - therefore, the Ba-32-60 plate heat exchanger is a quite good choice for connecting monoblock heat pumps (or occasionally split heat pumps) to systems. We are talking about using the plate heat exchanger to separate the heat pump circuit from the rest of the heating system - whether it's because of the desire to fill the heat pump circuit with glycol or the necessity to separate it from an old open installation (here it may even be a split-type heat pump).

However, it should be remembered that when talking about using the Ba-32-60 heat exchanger with a heat pump, we are referring to a liquid-liquid system - as described above. The Ba-32-60 is not a refrigerant heat exchanger, so if you are looking for a similar-sized option for refrigerant, check out the Ba-26-60-F heat exchanger, which can work as a condenser or evaporator for the heat pump.

The heat exchanger Ba-32-60 has a surface 1.92 square meter, which makes this a good solution for:

  • plate heat exchanger for connecting the central heating installations (for example in a sealed system) with a coal/wood boiler of about 60-70 kW
  • the paralel installation as above - using another boilers or burners, for example fueled with eco-pea, biomass, pellet (up to 60 - 70kW)
  • plate heat exchanger connecting heat pumps - monoblock / split - with the house heating system, wiht a heat pump of 8 - 13 kW of nominal power,
    depending on the powering temperature
  • connecting air heaters (for example Volcano type) to the heat source, even if they are filled with glycol
  • industrial application, like refrigeration & cooling system
  • so called "passive-cooling" using the heat pump installation for cooling houses in Summer
  • all the installations which are separated from the main part & and have glycol inside

Plate Heat Exchanger with 2m2 surface dimensions

(A) - 286 mm
(B) -
116 mm
(F) -
151 mm
(C) -
243 mm
(D) -
72 mm

Counter-current connection of the plate exchanger to the heating system (or cooling system) | Ba-32-60

We always connect the plate exchangers with 2 opposite directions of a liquid flow - i.e. in accordance with the counter current principle. All Nordic Tec plate exchangers are based on this principle, which means that only counter-courent connection ensures that they will get their full performance. In short, this principle boils down to the fact that the heating factors must flow in directions opposite to each other. When the device is connected without this rule, the exchanger will lose from 30 to even 50% of its possible performance, i.e. it will continue to work, but we will probably feel it in the form of an underheated home.


You might be looking for a HE - plate heat exchanger for heat pumps, but you want to better match the model and review more items from our catalog before making a decision.
Check out our category grouping the most commonly used heat exchangers for heat pumps monoblock - using glycol/water circuits.

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