gas boiler 25kW heat exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-32-20 1" 125kW

Plate Heat Exchanger / for HVAC devices with 20 steel plates NORDIC TEC Ba-32-20

Classic Plate Heat Exchanger, brazed type - for HVAC devices - which means Heating or Cooling Applications. HE with 20 steel plates and 1" connections.
Very good cooperation with fireplaces or heating boilers.

Plate Q'ty: 20 pcs.
Connections: 1" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.640m²

Reference: NT Ba-32-20
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  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
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Heat Exchanger - Nordic Tec Ba-32-20  - 4x 1", 20 plates 

Heat Exchanger Ba-32-20 Nordic Tec

In our store, you can also find the above model in a set with thermal insulation.

Technical details:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu
  • Working Pressure - <30 bar
  • Max. temperature +230°C
  • Flowrate - 12 m³/h

- Heat Exchange Surface - 0.640 m²

Comparison of the heat transfer area - Ba-32

This heat exchanger for boilers features 20 plates , each with a surface area of 0.032 m² . In total, this creates a surface area of 0.64m² - which falls within the optimal range for single-family houses up to 250 m² (or slightly less in the case of older heating installations and older buildings ). However, we would like to emphasize that the selection of a heat exchanger should primarily take into account the heating device it is intended to serve . The 20-plate model Ba-32-20 works exceptionally well with gas boilers ranging from 20-25 kW, as well as with eco-coal or pellet boilers of similar power.

PHE-plate heat exchanger dimensions ba-32-20
(A) -
286 mm
(B) -
116 mm
(F) -
55 mm
(C) -
243 mm
(D) -
72 mm


About the heat exchanger correct sizing - for which applications can we use the PHE Nordic Tec Ba-32-20:

With the heat transfer area of 0.64 square meter this exchanger can work very well with the gas boilers on the level of 25 kW, however if we work on the older installation we recommend to not use this model with a boilers bigger than 20-21 kW. The similar nominal powers are recommanded for other popular heating devices: like pellet, biomass, wood, coal, solid fuel burners or water fireplaces.
When it comes to the heat pumps - this unit can work only with the smallest HP units of about 4-5 kW, as heat pumps in order to work efficiently and economically require decent heat transfer area, in most cases between 1.5 and 3 square meters of total plate surface for rach 10 kW of a heat pump unit.

No idea how to size the PHE to your heating system? Feel free to write usContact in order to size the heat exchanger

The issue of operating a plate heat exchanger Ba-32-20 with glycol

Glycol is perfectly acceptable and harmless for our heat exchangers, including the Ba-32 Nordic Tec series. Therefore, it can be used without any concerns in systems with glycol solutions, such as those used with solar collectors or heat pumps (provided that the heat transfer surface area is properly selected - as mentioned above). It can also be successfully used for connecting additional heating circuits filled with glycol in separate buildings or utility rooms, which are only heated for part of the heating season.

Heat Exchanger for Fireplace - 1 inch

A 20-plate heat exchanger will be an excellent choice for servicing a water-jacketed fireplace, if there is a need to separate it from a closed circuit installation (fireplaces usually operate in an open circuit, which is the safest and most sensible solution). A water-jacketed fireplace is a relatively slow heat source compared to today's automated boilers, which is why proper selection of the heat exchanger is quite important (the fire will not go out and will continue to supply heat to the water jacket even if the heat exchanger is too weak and can't keep up with the heat demand from the jacket). For full certainty and safety over many heating seasons, it is most optimal to use this heat exchanger for fireplaces with outputs of up to 20 - 22 kW .

Using the Ba-32-20 Heat Exchanger in a Heat Pump System

The Ba-32-20 heat exchanger is not designed for heat pump systems. Its 0.64 m² surface area is not sufficient for optimal performance in low-temperature devices. The essence of selecting heat exchangers for heat pumps lies in the fact that, unlike boilers, they operate optimally at low temperatures. From this perspective, for heat pump systems, we recommend larger models from the Ba-32 series, starting from Ba-32-40 and above, as shown in the graph above.

Working with Glycol - Plate Heat Exchangers Ba-32-20

Glycol is absolutely permissible and harmless for our heat exchangers, including the Ba-32 series by Nordic Tec. Therefore, you can use them confidently in systems with glycol solutions, such as solar collectors or heat pumps (provided the surface area is properly matched, as mentioned above). You can also successfully use them for connecting additional heating circuits filled with glycol, in separate buildings or utility rooms that are heated only during a portion of the heating season.


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