Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm


Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger B155 Nordic Tec B-Serie

with wall-mounting brackets

Swimming pool heat exchanger 45 kW by Nordic Tec - model B155 made stainless steel

Nominal Capacity: 45kW

based on 60 °C difference between heating and heated medium (water to water),

with counter-courent work

Material: Stainless steel 316L

Heat Exchange surface: 0.33 m²

Connections: 2x 1 1/2" & 2x 1"

Important Note: If one of media is glicol, the capacity will be only 85-90% of nominal one

Reference: B155
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Heat Exchanger Pool Heater Nordic Tec B155 45 kW

Shell and tube heat exchanger with a 45kW heating capacity for pool heating. One of the most popular models of heat exchangers for pools, also due to its classic size and achieved parameters.

Nominal performance of a HE B155 - 45 kW (155 kBTU/h)

  • The heat exchanger for a swimming pool B155 can achieve a heat transfer power of 45 kW - under suitable conditions.

  • Achieving 45 kW is possible for a B155 pool heat exchanger when using water - water media with a temperature difference of 60 degrees Celsius (100% efficiency).

  • For other media (such as glycol) that transfer heat differently - the 50 kW parameter should be considered only as an approximation and sizing hint

The efficiency varies - depending on the temperature difference between the media:

  • 60 °C = 100%
  • 50 °C = 85%
  • 40 °C = 70%
  • 30 °C = 55%

If glycol (or similar antifreeze) is used as the heating medium - the operation of the pool heat exchanger will be hindered - by approximately 8-15 %, which should be taken into account during sizing the heat exchanger for our pool. The extent of the heat transfer hindrance depends on the concentration level of the glycol and water.

The test pressure is 10 bar - while the allowable working pressure is 6 bar.

The connection ports for the media are as follows:

  • 2x 1 1/2 inch  female thread
  • 2x 1 inch female thread

Recommended pool volume:

  • 20-45m3 - up to 45 m3 under the conditions of maintaining a temperature difference between the media of 60 ° C (as mentioned above) - and appropriate flow rates.

If the pool heating system is supplied with a lower temperature (making  lower temperature difference between media) or with lower flow rate, the suggested pool volume that can be heated by the 50 kW swimming pool heat exchanger - will not be adequately handled.
Therefore, when pool heat exchanger sizing the primary factor to consider are not only the pool volume - but also the type and efficiency of heating (heat sources such as gas boiler, pellet boiler, eco-coal, heat pump, or solar panels and other).

Nominal flowrates:

  • heating side - 32 l/min
  • heated side / pool heating - 237 l/min

Maximal allowed temperature - 210°C (achievable only when you use the heat exchanger in industrial application)

Applications of 45 kW pool heat exchanger include

  • Pool technology and pool heating: They are primarily invented for pool heating systems, jacuzzis, or tanks with hot water.
  • Underfloor heating: Shell and Tube heat exchangers can be used in systems which require minimal pressure loss, such as gravity-based systems on the heating boiler side - everywhere where a plate heat exchanger generates too big pressure drop
  • De-icing surfaces: HE can be used for de-icing parkings, driveways, garages, everywhere where maintaining slightly positive temperatures is demanded or neccessairy. In such systems - the pool heat exchanger operates with non-freezing fluid such as glycol (it is allowed from the technical point of view)
  • Cooperation with Water jacket fireplaces, boilers, solar systems, and other devices related to central heating ( CH ) and domestic hot water ( DHW )
  • Other Industrial applications: pool heaters can be used as coolers for oils, engines, drive systems, and samples in boiler installations.

Pool heater B155 - heat transfer area - 0,33 m²

Pool heater B155 heat transfer area

Pool heater - Heat Exchanger connection

Pool heat exchanger schema B155

  • K1 - heating water - IN
  • K2 - heated water - OUT
  • K3 - heated water - IN
  • K4 - heating water - OUT

The above described type of connection - suggest for the Nordic Tec pool heat exchanger - implies connecting it in a counterflow arrangement, which is a key. The counterflow principle refers to the directions of fluid flow through the pool heat exchanger. As it's visible on the attached image - the flows should take opposite directions to maximize the contact between the two fluids ( even though the media in the pool heat exchanger are separated by steel layers). Nordic Tec Heat exchangers for pools are designed fully as counterflow devices - and must be connected accordingly to this. Failure to do so - would result in the inability to fully develop their potential, leading to insufficient pool heating.

The flow direction indicated in the illustrative image (above) is only a suggestion. It is still possible to reverse the flow directions ( since the channels in 2 directions have the same capacity and heat transfer efficiency ). However, it is important to remember to switch /  change the other side as well to keep the counterflow principle.

Which channel in heat exchanger is for pool heating

For pool heating we should use the channel - which offers bigger capacity when it comes to the massice flow - so K3-K2.

It is not recommended to switch the channels within the pool heat exchanger -  specifically channel K3 - K2 - due to its larger volume (potentially higher mass flow). This channel is better suited for pool water. Paralelly - the another channel with lower capacity, i.e. - K1-K4 - is suitable for being a heating side with a traditional circulation pump. It is worth mentioning, that the correct choice of the channel for pool water heating and supply specifically applies to swimming pool heat exchangers - like the one described above.

In the case of plate heat exchangers by Nordic Tec, both channels are equivalent in terms of flow parameters and both channels have the same volume. Therefore, among others - plate heat exchangers are not recommended for pool heating.

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