Pool Heat Exchanger NORDIC tec B55 16kW
Swimming pool heat exchanger connect B55
Hot tube heat exchanger Nordic Tec 16kW
Tubular heat exchanger 16 kW
Hot tube heat Exchanger by Nordic Tec
Pool Heat Exchanger NORDIC tec B55 16kW
Swimming pool heat exchanger connect B55
Hot tube heat exchanger Nordic Tec 16kW
Tubular heat exchanger 16 kW
Hot tube heat Exchanger by Nordic Tec

Pool Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec B55 16kW (55kBTU/h)

Swimming pool Heat Exchanger 16 kW - Nordic Tec B-Series

with wall-mounting brackets

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger B55 by NORDIC TEC, primarily designed for pool applications - that is, exchangers for heating small pools and spas.

Nominal Capacity: 16kW
based on 60 °C difference between heating and heated medium (water to water),
with counter-courent work

Material: Stainless steel 316L

Heat Exchange surface: 0.15 m²

Connections: 2x 1" & 2x 3/4"

Reference: B55
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Heat Exchanger for small pool, spa or hot tub Nordic Tec B55

B55 heat exchangers - the smallest pool heat exchangers in the Nordic Tec lineup - for heating small pools.

* Nominal power - 16 kW (55 kBTU/h)

  • This pool heat exchanger achieves its nominal power - 16kW - when using water/water as the medium ( without the use of glycol or any antifreeze fluids ) with a temperature difference 60°C (between the sides). This does not mean that the swimming pool heat exchanger B55 is capable of achieving 16 kW of power with low supply temperature (for example in combination with a low temperature heat pump).

    In the case of reducing the temperature difference between the heating medium and the pool water, the actual heat transfer performance (measured in kW) decreases according to the following scheme:

    • For 50°C, it is 85%
    • For 40°C, it is 70%
    • For 30°C, it is 55%
    • and so on

  • If it is necessary to use glycol or glycol type antifreeze fluid - the heat transfer will be hindered by approximately 8-15% (estimated value depending on the degree of glycol concentration) -  which should be taken into account during pool heat exchanger sizing
  • Material of a swimming pool heat exchanger body: Stainless Steel 316 (non-alloyed stainless steel) - designed to work with chlorinated water, including highly chlorinated water.

Not suitable for saltwater or brackish water (for saltwater pools, a heat exchanger made of titanium should be used).

  • Nominal flow rates:

    • Heating medium / heat source side - 28 l/min
    • Heated medium / pool water side - 185 l/min

    The flow rate disproportion between the heating side - and the pool water side (as mentioned above) - in favor of the pool side - is highly recommended for swimming pool heating. In order to achieve balanced temperature rise without introducing a large amount of hot water into the pool.

  • The working pressure is up to 6 bar - which is sufficient for swimming pool heating or some refrigeration applications. However, it is not recommended for high-pressure media such as freons or R-type refrigerants.
  • Test Pressure - 10 bar

  • The connections for the media in the pool heat exchanger B55:

    • 2x 3/4 inch female thread - connections for the heating medium - K1 and K4 - on the tube side
    • 2x 1 inch female thread  - connections for the heated medium (pool water) - K3 and K2 - on the jacket side
  • The suggested pool volume
    - Up to 15m3 under nominal conditions, while maintaining a 60°C temperature difference between the media and appropriate flow rates.
    - In practice, with lower supply parameters than the ones mentioned above, the device can handle smaller swimming pool heating or water tanks such as jacuzzis, whirlpools or hut tubs. It is likely one of the smallest pool heat exchangers available on the European market

In case of difficulties with pool heat exchanger sizing - contact us Kontakt dobór wymiennika do basenu

  •  Sizes:
    - Length with water connections - 340mm
    - Diameter - 60mm

The applications of shell and tube heat exchangers (including non-classical designs) include:

  • Underfloor heating systems, due to their ability to handle very low flow resistances.
  • Swimming Pool heat Exchangers - in this case small garden pools or inside pools
  • Hot tube heat exchanger - or the heater for spa, jacuzzi etc.
  • Thawing driveways and parking lots, where shell and tube heat exchangers heat glycol for the purpose of deicing.
  • Fireplaces, boilers, solar systems, and other heating devices related to central heating and domestic hot water.
  • Industrial applications as oil coolers, engine coolers, drivetrain coolers, sample coolers in boiler installations, provided they operate within specified parameters, especially the working pressure.

Heat Transfer Area of a Pool Heat Exchanger B55 - 0,15 m²

Heat Transfer Area - Pool Heat Exchanger B55

Heat transfer area of is indeed a key parameter that determines the efficiency of heat exchangers, whether they are pool heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers used in other applications. As shown in the above chart, the B55 swimming pool heat exchanger is the smallest model among all the shell and tube heat exchangers in our catalog. Therefore - it is designed for small garden pools, as well as spas or hot water tanks (jacuzzis, hot tubs).

Pool heat exchanger's B55 connection

K1 - heating water - IN
K2 - heated water - OUT
K3 - heated water - IN
K4 - heating water - OUT

Pool heat exchanger proper connection B55

All the heat exchangers by NORDIC TEC - both plate and shell type - are counterflow devices.

Heat Exchangers for swimming pools require counterflow arrangement | B55

The counterflow principle (as shown in the above schematic) means that the heating water (or other medium on the supply side) must flow in the opposite direction to the heated water. This rules should be definitely applied in case of swimming pool heating or heating for similar objects - like spa or hot tubs. In the case of the shell and tube heat exchangers in our offering, the direction of fluid flow can be freely changed. It is important to note that deviating from the counterflow principle will significantly reduce heat transfer efficiency, and our heat exchanger for swimming pool fo may not meet the desired performance expectations. Check your installation at the end of the plumber's job.

Hot tub heat exchanger - B55 by Nordic Tec

If you are looking for a hot tub heat exchanger or something for your jacuzzi heating, the B55 Nordic Tec model is an excellent solution. With the appropriate configuration and heat source performance, this heat exchanger can effectively heat pools up to 15 cubic meters. However, it is also capable of efficiently heating water in a jacuzzi or hot tub, even if you require a much higher temperature than in an average pool. If you have a heat source, such as a heating device that utilizes an open flame, like a wood-fired stove for a wood-burning jacuzzi or a fireplace etc, or if you have an adapted home heating system (i.e. powered by a gas boiler, an eco-pea coal boiler, pellets, or any other fuel, including heat pump). There is definitely a possibility to connect the water circulation system with the heat source using this hot tube heat exchanger.

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